5 Ways the Early Entrepreneur Catches the Worm

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There’s a reason that the majority of successful business people self-identify as morning people. There’s a reason that renowned thinkers and corporate leaders advocate getting up before you strictly must. There’s a reason that so many bodies of research connect productivity with early rising.

That reason is simple: early entrepreneurs really do catch the worm. The people who avoid hitting the ‘snooze’ button are the people who have stronger willpower, greater clarity of purpose and more time to achieve their goals.  Or, to quote Benjamin Franklin, they’re the people who are ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise’.

Getting up early every morning isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world to do, but it’s well worth leaving behind your slumber to actually chase your dreams. If you’re not convinced, here’s 5 ways that early risers achieve better results at work.


1. They have a mental head start

You know that miserable, groggy feeling you have when you wake up late and spend the first hour of your morning in a stressed out rush? Early birds don’t. Instead, early birds have already got up, exercised, ate, dressed, commuted, gone through their emails and drank multiple cups of coffee before late risers have even snapped out of their morning fuzz.

By getting up earlier, you’ll mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. You’re awake and alert while others are still entirely unawares. To paraphrase the well-known words of Richard Whatley, if you lose an hour in the morning you’ll inevitably spend the rest of the day hunting for it.


2. They deal with less distractions

9am in the office is not usually a great time for concentration. People are hurriedly racing to be at their desks in time, the kitchen is packed with people wanting hot drinks, details of the previous evening are being exchanged over the sound of ringing phones, greetings are being yelled across the office… it’s not an ideal environment for sinking into a productive mind-set.

None of this phases early birds. When 9am hits, they have no need to bustle. Without that manic morning rush, they’re free to focus. What’s more, they’ve had that golden quiet period in the morning to indulge in some all-important “me” time, whether it’s reading a chapter of a book or going for a jog. With personal time already spent, their minds are fully channelled on work, meaning less intrusive “Ooh, I forgot to text my mother back” type thoughts.


3. They experience greater career clarity

Entrepreneurs are all united by drive. They have a hunger to grind, to achieve ambitions and to pursue their dreams. Those entrepreneurial early birds don’t wake up with a groan, they wake up excited to take a bite out of the day. With more time to play with before the day’s work begins, they’re keener, calmer and clearer on their goals.

This is backed by research: scientists at the University of Toronto found that “morning-type” people feel more awake, alert, happier and more motivated to tackle challenges. By getting started ahead of everyone else, early birds have extra time to actually get ahead.


4. Their proactivity increases their productivity

It’s already fairly evident that waking up early is a proactive step, but studies also offer biological evidence. In a 2008 body of research, Harvard biologist Christoph Randler found that morning people were more proactive and more likely to anticipate and minimise problems.

This ability to effectively foresee and resolve issues leads to greater career success. By taking a proactive approach right from the off, early birds ramp up their productivity, fire on all cylinders and achieve more within the working day.


5. They have a stronger feeling of control

Early risers aren’t keeping the pace, they’re setting it. By deciding to get up and get on, morning people are seizing control of the day from the moment they open their eyes.

This feeling of ownership and autonomy kick-starts the day with a power boost. Plus, the psychological feeling of control is also coupled with actual control: early birds can map out their day, set priorities and deliver in a deliberated way.


For ambitious entrepreneurs, an early start paves the way to early success. Don’t allow the wave of time to sweep you away: ride it!

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