BattleHack Singapore 2015

SINGAPORE – (Press Release) – Leading global payments providers PayPal and Braintree announced Team Jarvis as the winners of BattleHack Singapore 2015, with an app monitoring and allowing the remote purchase of medication for the elderly.

On 28th and 29th March 2015, 38 teams came together for a fierce 24 hour hackfest at Cliftons Singapore, with the development of innovative apps that addressed some truly Singaporean concerns and topics.

Amulya Khare, Arvin Sabu Joseph, Mohit Kanwal and Rajul Gupta will go on to represent Singapore in the BattleHack World Finals in Silicon Valley in November 2015, competing with some of the brightest minds from around the globe for US$100, 000.

The team built a “smart” medicine jar equipped with a weight sensor able to detect the volume of pills contained within a vessel. Once the volume of pills drops below a predefined threshold, the server intuitively notifies an Android app running on a care-giver or family member’s phone to purchase more medication.

The app was designed to provide users with the option of purchasing medication directly from nearby pharmacies with PayPal, and have these delivered to their homes. It also has a backend database that gathers information on the ailments that the caregiver deals with according to the medicine bought, which will be processed by JustGiving, and will push associated charity organizations that the caregiver could donate to.

The 2015 judging panel was made up of Jeffrey Paine, Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures, Mohan Belani, Co-Founder and CEO of e27, Sayanee Basu, Curator of We Build SG and John Lunn, Senior Global Director, Braintree_Dev.

“We chose team Jarvis, because their hack got to the heart of a key Singaporean and human issue – caring for our loved ones and Singapore’s growing Silver Generation. We were thoroughly impressed by the innovation and the talent from all the teams in Singapore. We ultimately selected team Jarvis for the quality of their code, and a great idea. Their hack could ensure your loved ones would never miss their medication again and would enable and empower a key segment of society: the Pioneers,” said John Lunn, Senior Global Director, Braintree_Dev.

“The idea came about as we used to run out spices in our kitchen, and we were thinking about how to keep better track of things. At the same time, my dad has been suffering from diabetes and with all the things my mom has to do to take care of him, she often runs late topping up his medication and rushes to get them. For the BattleHack challenge, we realized we could build something using that same concept, but for a greater social good. With this app, people will never run out of medication or spices ever again,” said Rajul, one of Team Jarvis’ members.

BattleHack Singapore was held at Cliftons Singapore, in the heart of Singapore’s CBD. In typical BattleHack style, developers were treated to a wide array of scrumptious delights that showcased Singapore’s multicultural cuisine such as satay, Thai mango sticky rice, crodos and many more. To keep spirits happy through the night, there was a mobile cocktail station in place, as well as a crepe & egg station the next morning to provide a breakfast of champions for the developers. The hackers also enjoyed free massages during the course of the 24-hour hackathon.

BattleHack is a global competition that will visit cities around the world and culminate at the World Finals in November. The winning team will be awarded $100,000 USD, an axe trophy and the coveted title of being the ‘Ultimate Hackers for Good’.

To learn more about BattleHack, please visit https://2015.battlehack.org/.

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