DevOps Day 2015 speaker Namrata Rao

In the last post-interview with DevOps Day 2015 speaker Annop Bhat, we heard about how the 2-way communication resulted in meaningful insights and the building of lasting relationships among participants and speakers.

With the latest interview, we listened to Namrata Rao, a QA/Test consultant from TreeBox Solutions, a security mobile solutions company, on what she had to say about the event and how it applies to her work.

Tell us more about your job and company. Plus how relevant it is to the event?

I work as a Software QA lead at a Singapore startup organization called TreeBox solutions. At our organization, we have been following the DevOps model & working towards implementing it effectively. This event is important to us since we not only get a platform to share our experience but also learn immensely from others in the industry who are going through the same journey.

What is your overall impression of the post-event outcome?

My overall impression is that the event was very well organized and had different flavors such as Ignite, Open Spaces & talks on varied topics. This keeps the audience engaged throughout. Also, the effort put in by the organizers in ensuring that the Speakers are well-informed was commendable.

What were the highlights for you during the event?

The highlights for me were the variety of topics presented in the ignite sessions. Also, the ‘Open Spaces’ event provided a platform for everyone to interact & know each others opinions. The panel discussion on the last day was insightful too as we got to hear about trending topics in the industry from the experts.

What are some standout topics worth mentioning that were discussed during the event?

During Ignite sessions, it was good to hear not only about the technical aspect but even the management side of things. During the panel discussion, it was interesting to hear the experts discuss on the future of OS & on current perception/execution about the essence of DevOps model in the industry.

How did you think the event benefited the DevOps community and its macro impact on industries involved?

The event managed to bring in different kinds of people starting from a novice to an expert under the same roof to discuss existing practices & ideas for further enhancement. A session such as this then helps in expanding horizons of each participant & triggers conversations that will have a significant impact.

What did you think of the program lineup and its unique format as an unconference?

The unique format & treatment of the program can be considered as their ‘USP’ & ‘Strength’.

What do you hope to see in the next event?

In the next event, I hope to see more Ignite sessions, Open Spaces, some workshops & panel discussions.

If you could sum up the entire event in one sentence, what would it be?

A unique event that is not only informative but also provides every attendee an opportunity to express themselves which in turn enhances the existing DevOps ecosystem.

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