Drones as waiters could soon be a reality

Drones are seeing increased use in many industries, and particularly in outdoor applications. However, it could soon be making its way into an indoor setting – serving food in a restaurant. This will mean that waiters can focus on higher-value tasks, such as getting customer feedback and introducing new menu items to customers.

Infinium Robotics, a homegrown technology firm, is prototype-testing drones in an indoor setting, where these machines function as waiters in a restaurant. “You can use drones for surveying and mapping as well as for aerial photography, area surveillance and remote monitoring of civilian sites,” said Infinium Robotics CEO Mr Woon Junyang. “There are various other outdoor applications, but I believe that we are one of the first few to introduce the indoor application for drones, especially in the restaurant setting.”

Infinium received a grant of S$250,000 from SPRING Singapore this year to pursue indoor drone research and development in the food and beverage sector. A drone and the supporting system cost around S$20,000.

Mr Woon added: “It would depend on the number of customers we have when we launch our product although there are also various Government schemes and programmes available, such as iSprint from iDA that can subsidise up to 80 per cent for new technology. We are looking in the range of a low five-figure sum.”

Infinium Robotics has already filed a patent in relation to the technology. Should it be approved, it could lead to the company producing these robots for indoor restaurant use.

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