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EdTech Startup Targets Systemic Upgrade for CCA Management

EdTech Startup Targets Systemic Upgrade For Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Management

Co-curricular activities (CCA) are an ever-present and essential part of any educational system. As a supplement to the academic curriculum, these activities play an integral role in enhancing social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline, self-confidence, ultimately building more well-rounded individuals.

In Singapore, all students are required to partake in at least 1 CCA typically from Primary Three onwards. This means that at any given time there are more than 320,000 students engaging in CCAs. That is more than half the total number of students from primary schools to the universities.

Behind the scenes, more than 30,000 teachers spend countless hours processing mountains of paperwork while juggling timely correspondence and extensive coordination with school administrators, parents, students, fellow teachers and other parties to ensure that students are able to partake in activities that are best-suited to their preferences and beneficial to their personal development.

Yet, speak to any teacher and they’ll tell you just how messy this process is.

Multiple communication tools are used across different stakeholders leading to misaligned correspondence and scattered documentation. Moreover, maintaining records and achievements and tracking progress of individual students is very time consuming and no one has full visibility of all CCAs running at any one time, within a particular educational institution.

SCHMEET hopes to render this painful process and inefficient system a thing of the past.

SCHMEET is a digital one-stop information exchange and communication platform that aims to centralize all forms of administrative documentation and correspondences for CCAs.

For teachers, it will drastically streamline the process of managing and coordinating CCAs and promises to save at least 1.5 hours a day or more than one day per month, in processing administrative paperwork; time which can be better used towards monitoring the development of students in CCAs and relaying progress to parents.

For parents, CCA records and achievements will become instantly available, enabling them to have a broad overview of their child’s progress. Critically, this information can readily be used for admissions and scholarships applications – removing the extra time and effort needed to coordinate with teachers.

For school leaders and administrators, SCHMEET provides a bird’s eye view of all the major developments across school-wide CCAs, enabling them to make better decisions, e.g. directing additional resources and support for the students and teachers when required, through full visibility.

According to Nur Iskandar, founder and CEO of SCHMEET and a former educator, “In the mid run, SCHMEET aims to be the de facto platform helping students fulfill their potential as all-round achievers who excel beyond the academic sphere. Eventually I hope they use the platform to plan, self-organize and carry out Social Action Plans to give back to society.”

“In the long run, SCHMEET aims to be the de facto non- academic portfolio for students of all ages. The validated records in SCHMEET will support any school, scholarship or even job applications.”

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“I think when it comes to managing CCAs, everyone has a role to play. Teachers, parents and administrators all share a vested interest in ensuring the best possible personal development of students. I am confident that SCHMEET is taking the right approach in not just building another communication tool or simply saving time, but ensuring that everyone benefits from a better system.”

SCHMEET is slated for a BETA launch in the second half of 2016 and its next steps are to grow its team, increase marketing efforts to expand its n user base, and secure funding to scale across the globe.

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“It’s tough having to do everything the old way.
With SCHMEET, it is not just changing the machine, it’s a systemic improvement.” – Nur Iskandar

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