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GALBOSS Asia: Empowering women to bring on their A-game

Singapore — Galboss Asia, a new collaborative movement in Asia for like-minded women entrepreneurs, business leaders and those aspiring to be, will be launching the first of its efforts with the introduction of the inaugural all-women Galboss Asia Symposium, to be held at Grand Hyatt Singapore on 21st of July 2016.

Founded by five leaders in their fields, Sabrina Tan, Andrea De Cruz, Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Velda Tan, Tan Yen Yen, Galboss Asia was formed with the goal of celebrating, inspiring and supporting women in both their professional and personal lives, at all stages in their career trajectories. The five women, representing different backgrounds and fields, were bound by a common desire and conviction to enable, empower and elevate women in Asia, while creating a necessary space and dialogue to help them overcome business challenges and go from strength to strength.

The Galboss Asia Symposium will present sharp, engaging talks from a dynamic mix of four headliners: Aimee Song, Shannon Kalayanamitr, Tan Su Shan, and Sabrina Tan, as well as a strategic lineup of seven power panels geared towards women from all walks and stages of life. The panelists comprise over 20 female thought leaders in the digital and global business spheres, each bringing a wealth of experience from across sectors and industries.

Sabrina Tan, co-founder of Galboss Asia says, “Women have the potential to make profound changes in the business landscape. We see Galboss Asia as a catalyst; a movement that will rapidly accelerate growth in women-run businesses. Galboss Asia Symposium is the first of its kind in Asia. Through the sharing of inspirational stories and tactical insight, we want to form a collective of Asian women who will dare to take risks and pursue their dreams.”

The ‘A’ in Galboss is a tribute to Asia as well as all the attributes that make a Galboss: ambition, the desire to achieve, and a sense of adventure. By highlighting the accomplishments of women speaking at the symposium, Galboss Asia aims to help inspire women to bring on their A-game.


The four headliners, Aimee Song, Shannon Kalayanamitr, Tan Su Shan, and Sabrina Tan, will deliver powerful and compelling presentations revolving around topics close to their hearts, all while sharing critical tools required for today’s businesses:


Topic: Turning your personal passion into a global brand

Headliner:  Aimee Song, Global Influencer, Founder of Song of Style, Author, Entrepreneur.


Topic: Adapt or die – Women leadership in the time of digital disruption

Headliner: Tan Su Shan, Managing Director and Group Head of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, DBS


Topic: From local to global, building an international brand from ground zero Headliner: Sabrina Tan, Founder & CEO, Skin Inc


Topic: Dreaming Big! Building SEA’s next big e-commerce platform

Headliner: Shannon Kalayanamitr, Group CMO at ORAMI (formerly MOXYBILNA)

The seven power panels conducted during the symposium will cover an array of relevant fields and topics in today’s business climate, ranging from tech, e-commerce, personal brand building, business to mumpreneurship:


Topic: Doing business in the digital age: How to harness the power of digital marketing to make an impact

Moderator: Anita Kapoor, Host & TV Presenter

Panelists: Pat Law, Founder, GOODSTUPH | Velda Tan, Founder & Head Creative, COLLATE


Topic: Personal branding in the digital space – Connecting the dots between URL and IRL

Moderator: Anita Kapoor, Host & TV Presenter

Panalists: Aimee Song, Global Influencer, Founder of Song of Style, Author, Entrepreneur | Yoyo Cao, Founder of


Topic: Aim high, dream big: Breaking through the invisible glass ceiling

Moderator: Sarah Liu, Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Advocate for Women in Leadership

Panelists: Anne Trands Juel Sauerberg, Co-Founder & Group Director, Norbreeze Group | Cynthia Poa, Group CEO of ONI Global Group of Companies, Founder & CEO of LAC | Rachel Eng, Deputy Chairman, Wong Partnership


Topic: Scaling a business, how and when and working when it’s time to sell

Moderator: Grace Chng, Seasoned Tech Journalist

Panelists: Huang Shao-Ning, Co-Founder of JobsCentral, Investor, Business Mentor | Shannon Kalayanamitr, Group CMO, ORAMI (formerly MOXYBILNA) | Winnie Chan, Founder & CEO, Bynd Artisan


Topic: Wearing multiple hats: Managing a diversified business portfolio

Moderator: Sarah Liu, Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Advocate for Women in Leadership

Panelists: Elim Chew, Founder of 77th Street, Entrepreneur | Tan Min-Li, Managing Partner of Colin Ng & Partners, Executive Producer of Xeitgeist Entertainment Group, Designer | Tjin Lee, Founder & Managing Director of Mercury Marketing & Communications, Co-Founder of CRIB


Topic: Having a child and building a business, how the digital age allows mumpreneurs to have it all

Moderator: Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Co-Founder, Mummyfique

Panelists: Dolores Au, Co-Founder, Mummyfique | Elaine Kim, Doctor, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of CRIB | Sher-li Torrey, Founder, [email protected] (Singapore)


Topic: Women entrepreneurs in the digital world: Why it matters?

Moderator: Tan Yen Yen, IT Veteran, Startups Investor, Seasoned Board Director

Panelists: Debbie Lee, Founder, Tech Storm | Shirley Wong, Managing Partner, TNF Ventures | Talenia Phua Gajardo, CEO & Founder, &

(Symposium lineup subject to change.)

Tickets to the Galboss Asia Symposium 2016 are priced at SGD480 per person.

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