How to Write an Investor Update E-Mail

Update e-mails are crucial for investors. It gives them an insight into the company’s strategy and plans, as well as information about the company’s performance. Whoever invests in your company, needs to be sure that their investment is worth it, and a regular update e-mail is an absolute must.

As communication between the company and its investors is so crucial for a solid strategic business, writing an authentic and professional update e-mail is in order. Here are some suggestions from flower delivery company, A Better Florist, for writing an investor update e-mail.

1)   Be Consistent with Updates

Send out regular update e-mails, preferably once a month. You shouldn’t send out two e-mails in one month and then disappear for a few months. Be consistent and show your investors that you are responsible and reliable, and that you value their opinion on your company.

2)   Keep it Real

While you do want to show your investors that you’re making progress, you should never sugarcoat your e-mails. If you’ve faced or are facing strategic problems or issues, let your investors know about it. You’d be surprised at how many of your investors will offer their help and expertise, and actually impair valuable advice that will help you in the long run.

3)   Key Achievements

Always mention your key achievements. Even though you might not be at the finish line with a project, you have to update your investors on what you have achieved so far and how you got there. Making progress is a success in itself after all, and you should always share success stories with your investors.

4)   Keep it Short

While including all the information that is important for the investor, avoid getting into too much detail. Your investors don’t have time to read every little mistake or obstacle. Keep the e-mail 1 or 2 pages long.

5)   Have Direct Asks

It can be something as small as an introduction but ending your investor update e-mail with an ask is extremely important. If your investors are as passionate as you about making your business grow, then they’d be more than happy to help solve any challenges you face. More often than not, your investors will not be able to help – but there’s never any harm in asking!

Be sure to have a coherent and relevant e-mail that flows well. Be concrete, precise and above all real and your investor update e-mail will not only be informative but will inspire your investor’s to give their two cents.

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