OurHealthMate plans to crack the US$10 billion (S$14 billion) market for medical services in India

Image above – Techniasia

Two Indian expatriates here want to crack the US$10 billion (S$14 billion) market for medical services in India. They have developed and launched a Web portal called OurHealthMate to provide a channel for Indian expatriates to remit funds to healthcare clinics in India for the medical care of their parents and loved ones there.

Founded by Mr Siddarth Khanna and Dr Akash Kumar, OurHealthMate has teamed up with more than 15,000 doctors in over 1,200 hospitals and clinics in 350 cities across India, including top hospitals such as Apollo hospitals and Fortis Healthcare.

The start-up was born after Mr Khanna faced difficulties persuading his parents to go for regular medical check-ups.

“In the past, I would have to fly back to India, spending significant time and cost, to accompany my parents to the hospital, in order to get the complete picture of their condition,” said Mr Khanna, who is now based here.

OurHealthMate now allows him to keep in touch with his parents’ doctors as well as pay for the costs of medical procedures.

Dr Krishna said: “We wanted to improve both the communication and convenience involved in remitting money home, for our families’ medical bills.

“Every year, 22 million non-resident Indians remit some US$65 billion to India, with about US$10 billion intended for healthcare expenses,” he added.

About 4,000 payers in the United States, Britain and Singapore have made more than 10,000 appointments using OurHealthMate for paediatric and geriatric medical services.

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