Singapore InnovFest 2014

Held from 14 to 16 April 2014, InnovFest 2014 brought together entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, industry experts and representatives from trailblazing companies to discuss about Asian innovations. The event kicked off its first day at Kent Ridge Guild House, with more than 700 participants.

Organised by National University of Singapore and NUS Enterprise, the event, like its predecessors, did not disappoint.

Image Credit – Spiffy SG

Aligning to the theme of “Asian Innovations Going Global”, the event allowed the exchange and sharing of invaluable experiences, knowledge and beliefs among academics, industry experts, multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and many others.

And the three days were spent covering revolutionary research and concepts under these four topics:

  • Ageing & the silvery industry
  • Technologies Enabling Education
  • Bottom-of-Pyramid Technologies
  • Urbanisation & Future Cities

In addition, the event featured two focused technology forums on new applications in graphene technology and the potential of membranes as a separation technology.

By Fred Ng

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