Singapore’s Smart Nation vision enters ‘build’ phase, focus on infrastructure, services

SINGAPORE: The Republic’s Smart Nation vision has entered its “build” phase, which will focus on the infrastructure and services that will serve as the framework for future development.

Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim announced this as part of his keynote speech at the Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imbX) opening ceremony on Tuesday (Jun 2).

He fleshed out how the Infocomm Media Masterplan – under which the private and public sector cooperates to exploit converging areas in the infocomm and media sectors – will put in place the necessary infrastructure, and touched on three areas of focus: Smart Logistics, Smart Nation Tech Challenges and Smart Health-Assist.

Smart Logistics leverage technologies such as the Internet of Things to provide near real-time actionable visibility and improve decision-making capabilities for businesses large and small.

(Photo: Loke Kok Fai) 

A wider community will be mobilised to co-innovate solutions to tackle urban challenges in Smart Nation Tech Challenges. The first of these challenges will be on video analytics, and how audiovisual data can be used in public safety (such as alerting stakeholders of unusual crowd activity), resource utilisation (such as assessing cleanliness levels to assist deploying of transportation and manpower) and situational awareness (such as examining vehicle speed and direction to provide better understanding of traffic conditions).

As for Smart Health-Assist, which will be piloted in the Jurong Lake District later this year, the initiative will use sensors to allow patients to better manage their conditions from the comfort of home while allowing them to remain independent and active in the community.

“Building the world’s first Smart Nation is only the beginning of the next phase of Singapore’s development in information and communications technology,” said Dr Yaacob. “It will be a long journey, but our experience has equipped us to face up to the challenge.”

The Infocomm Media Masterplan will be launched later this year, he added.

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