The future of smarter technology (with infographics)

The Internet of things has allowed the digital world to coincide with the physical world, but how far does technology plan to take us as it evolves? The technological world currently allows us to communicate and send data while mobile, but evolving technology looks to offer more that will bring the digital and physical world even closer together.

New ways of sending data are top of the agenda, so it comes as no surprise that new technology is being developed to speed up the process. Advancements will include the transferring of data between a device and a light source, as well as via audio frequencies that cannot be heard by the human ear, but can be read by a smartphone speaker. Included is excellent infographic highlighting the emerging technology roadmap provided by Barkleyus.



As more of us rely on the digital world to get through the day, it comes as no surprise that venture capital firms and technology companies are investing more time in new technology, as well as fine tuning the current technology to gain more accurate information.

The future of technology looks to get us involved with the world of technology without it being a hindrance. Devices will be able to deliver data at a quicker rate, while more everyday items will be connected to the Internet. Furthermore, the way we interact with devices will also evolve, thanks to gaze tracker technology that can ascertain as what part of a webpage a person is focusing on.

The evolvement of technology looks to be leading us into a connected world, more so than today. Augmented reality looks to offer new experiences in how we communicate, while Internet functionality is being instilled into more and more personal items, such as houses, cars and appliances.

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