Trend Watching: An exclusive Trend Seminar for Asia’s most future-focused B2C creative professionals

Experience the consumer trends that matter. Leave ready to act on them.

SINGAPORE – June 2015 – (Press Release) – During the one-day seminar organised by, an independent and global business consultancy firm, trend experts will showcase the most important insights into the future of consumerism and share best practices from the work they do with the world’s most innovative brands and corporations, from ONG&ONG, Sentosa Leisure Management to Unilever.

They’ll feature the game-changing innovations – from India to Indonesia, from food & beverage to finance – that are reshaping your customers’ expectations, regardless of which industry, market or demographic you serve. And they’ll show you exactly how to take the trends behind these and use them to build brands that matter, products that delight, and campaigns people can’t stop talking about.

The seminar will also feature exclusive insights from leading design professionals, about how they successfully integrate design thinking and trend-driven innovation. Pairing design thinking – which teaches you how to unpack people’s needs to come up with creative solutions for your customers – with a deep understanding of how and where consumer expectations are headed, will give you a powerful approach to solving business challenges and winning new customers.

Event Details
Date/Time: 18 August 2015, starting at 9am.
Venue: National Design Centre, Singapore
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